About us

The ADHD Support Group has been set up to connect international parents - living in The Netherlands - and carers of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or with children where ADD/ADHD may be considered but not yet diagnosed.


We have regular coffee mornings, approximately once per month, where parents and carers come together to informally discuss issues relating to these conditions. The groups are usually small and areas that are often discussed include oppositional behaviour, medication, school issues and family dynamics. We occasionally arrange for a guest speaker to address the group regarding these issues.

Please contact us at adhdgroup.nl@gmail.com if you would like to attend one of our coffee mornings. These meetings are available for anyone to attend, without any cost involved, however there may sometimes be a small charge when we have a guest speaker.

Our Aim

This group was established in 2009 and has steadily grown since then. It is increasingly providing a source of great support for families in a similar situation. We aim to continue to grow and develop this group, reaching out to provide help for those families who are sometimes in complete despair.